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What does natural capital accounting (NCA) stand for? What’s the added value that it offers to improve policy-making decisions against GDP? How can NCA and artificial intelligence (AI) be used in combination to inform climate mitigation and adaptation strategies?

These were some of the questions raised during the first ARIES Twitter chat on July 7. For one hour, the @aries_project Twitter account hosted an online discussion on the benefits of natural capital accounting for ecosystem services, as well as the role it plays for improving policy-making decisions.

NCA experts Jane Carter Ingram, EY (@jcarteringram); François Soulard, Statistics Canada (@Soulfra); Alessandra Alfieri, UNDESA (@AlessandraAlfi3); and Kenneth Bagstad, U.S. Geological Survey, ARIES (@kjbagstad) contributed to the lively conversation. Other professionals within the ecosystem services’ field also joined the four panelists by sharing their thoughts and concerns.

Many interesting resources and initiatives related to NCA and AI came out during the Q&A session. For instance, the Global Surface Water Explorer and the Global Urban Footprint, two AI-powered initiatives that integrate satellite imagery data to produce information required for water and land accounts, respectively.

We would like to thank all the participants everyone for bringing their great inputs and engaging in such insightful and open exchanges throughout the one-hour chat! Check out the discussion’s wrap-up below and watch for a series of online discussions to be organized throughout the following months, both on our blog and via our social media channels.

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