More ocean data has been collected in the last two years than in the history of the planet, and we are on a path to continue to break that record. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered marine technologies are fueling the blue economy by bringing the capacity of gathering, processing and providing more accurate, real-time data from the oceans and coasts. Yet, it is not enough.

Ocean provides food, jobs and livelihoods to over three billion people worldwide, enables global trade and creates a home for the nearly 2.4 billion people who live in coastal areas. However, investment into the blue economy is drastically low. Just 1% of the ocean economy’s total value was invested in sustainable projects over the last ten years.

More than ever, we need rapid, transparent and efficient solutions for processing this ceaseless stream of data. How can AI help build ocean ecosystem’s resilience? What actions could contribute to plug the blue economy’s funding gap?

As part of our series launched in July, the ARIES team will host an online discussion on Twitter next Wednesday, December 16, in order to discuss AI’s role in achieving a sustainable blue economy. The one-hour online discussion will start at 9.00am CDT/ 4.00pm CET/ 10.00pm AST and will have as main participants:

  1. Ivana Lukic, Marine Policy and Planning Consultant at s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH and SUBMARINER Network. Her work over the years has focused on leading international projects and studies related to the vision and strategy development in marine spatial planning (MSP), as well as its role in fostering blue growth, blue growth indicators, and cross-sectoral conflicts and synergies with offshore wind.
  2. Marta Pascual, Spanish National Hub at the WestMED Blue Economy Initiative, the Atlantic Action Plan Assistance Mechanism and ARIES team member at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). She is a marine scientist with a broad professional experience in different lines of marine and coastal research applied to MSP; ecosystem services mapping, modelling, and valuation; Integrated Coastal Zone Management; Biological Valuation and Blue Economy.
  3. Sandra Ponce de León, Principal at the Blue Economy AgencyShe is a strategic marketer, journalist and storyteller focused on the blue economy, tech for good, regeneration, AI and social impact. As an entrepreneurial marketer and veteran Silicon Valley start-up executive, Sandra has led marketing for tech companies spanning consumer and business markets with extensive experience bringing new products to market and supporting start-ups through several successful exits.
  4. Tundy Agardy, Executive Director and Founder at Sound Seas. She is an internationally renowned expert in marine conservation, with extensive field and policy experience in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, North America and the Pacific. She specializes in ecosystem services assessment, coastal planning, marine protected areas, fisheries management, and ocean zoning. Tundi is Caribbean Environmental Lead at Baird & Associates, Contributing Editor of Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM), and curator of the World Ocean Forum (W2O).
  5. Zdenka Willis, CEO at Veraison Consulting LLC and President at the Marine Technology Society. As an Earth observation, technologies and policy expert, she is the former founding Director of the United States Integrated Ocean Observing System Office (IOOS) and Director of the National Oceanographic Data Center within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The Twitter chat will be open to anyone who is interested in the topic, so feel free to join the conversation by using the hashtag #AriesChat on December 16 at 9.00am CDT/ 4.00pm CET/ 10.00pm AST and interact with our five experts by sharing your own insights or raising more questions.

Your opinion counts!

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