The ARIES for SEEA Explorer has been mentioned as an innovation that showcases digitalization for sustainability in the Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) Action Plan for a sustainable planet in the digital age!

This past June 2-3 the international multi-stakeholder alliance CODES launched their action plan at the Stockholm 50+ international environmental meeting in Sweden. This plan aims to offer a vision and a set of priorities to advance digital sustainability through a series of three systemic shifts and six strategic priorities, followed by a set of nine global impact initiatives through multi-stakeholder collaboration at the regional and global scales.

ARIES for SEEA Explorer is brought up in their Third Shift as it manages to prioritize innovations to measure, monitor and model the health of the planet’s biosphere and interactions with economic and social systems, as well as prioritize innovations towards a revolution in networked, agile and collaborative governance.

In the face of widespread publicity and use of “big data-driven” machine learning, we believe wider understanding and use of semantics and machine reasoning is critical to address today’s sustainability challenges and in particular two key elements included in the third shift of CODES: planetary digital twins and knowledge commons. Together with BC3 and Ikerbasque we won’t stop working towards an operational semantic web for digital shared knowledge.

Take a deeper look into the potential of semantic knowledge integration technologies on our latest publication and check out the PDF below for all the other initiatives working to harness digital innovations for sustainability collected in the CODES Action Plan. 

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