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ARIES is meant to enable simple use of complex models through artificial intelligence; as such, extensive training is only necessary for modelers who want to contribute to, and benefit from, ARIES models and data. We run an annual intensive modeling school every year, and various other events around the world when the opportunity arises.

Custom training opportunities

We can also deliver other types of training of varying length and technical content. These can be tailored to a specific case study, scientific, or policy problem. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing custom training options.

1-week ARIES training

Bilbao, 8th – 12th October  2018

The International Spring University (ISU), an initiative of the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), announces a 1-week training on Ecosystem Services Modeling.

The 2018 event is directed to a new generation of scientists and policy analysts who can effectively use coupled human-environmental models in research, policy and management to address and solve sustainable problems. This year´s event is also intended as an update on the latest developments in the k.LAB modeling software, including key updates to make model coding and reuse more user friendly, targeted for both new participants and those from previous years.


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Previous Editions

Starting in late 2018, when the next-generation ARIES Explorer will be available, we will  run shorter workshops for intermediate to non-technical users. Please get in touch if you want to be informed of the next training opportunity or would like to discuss custom training opportunities.

2017 has been be a transition year, when we skipped the regularly run Spring university and run two main events:

  1. a Summer hackathon for the ARIES core team and close friends, by invitation only;
  2. a Fall/Winter ARIES masterclass  intended for selected previous participants and collaborators to catch up with the many innovations of the last years and to provide them with a chance to have an advance look at, and maybe help us beta test, the Explorer.

From 2013 to 2016 the ISU was held in Bilbao and followed the regular 2-week format.

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