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The Integrated Modelling Partnership


IMP – Integrated Modelling Partnership, spearheaded by the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3), stands as a collaborative endeavor uniting institutions in the pursuit of an integrated information landscape for the future of science.

  • Open-source collaboration for FAIR data science

    With a shared commitment to an open-source, open-data, and FAIR implementation of the semantic web, collaborators within the partnership are dedicated to realizing this vision. Through the development of software and computational infrastructure, the partnership aims to enable more potent predictive modeling, enhance the reuse of scientific data, and foster informed decision-making for society at large.

  • Institutional collaboration: Advancing FAIR science together

    Institutional collaborators play a vital role in shaping the direction and tools of IMP, actively contributing to the advancement of an efficient, integrated, and democratic scientific process. Organized into four key areas of operation—Semantics, Open Data, Open Models, and Software Infrastructure—the partnership focuses on transparently applying the FAIR principles for automated modeling. Collaborators engage in high-level collaborations, working closely with BC3’s core staff to design applications, define development needs, and prioritize tasks through specific Work Packages (WPs).

  • Unlocking opportunities for collaborative access to cutting-edge tools

    IMP offers opportunities for strategic collaboration, allowing access to the products developed by the partnership, including the k.LAB technology, software stack, data, and models at no cost for non-profit use. However, users are required to adhere to an end-user license agreement (EULA) to obtain a valid IM certificate. Through this collaborative effort and commitment to open access, the partnership strives to democratize access to cutting-edge tools and resources for the advancement of science and society.

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