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Kii Hayashi is Professor at Nagoya University, Japan, and at the Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS). As part of the ARIES team, Prof. Hayashi uses the k.LAB technology for mapping and assessing ecosystem services and renewable energy.

During the past months, Prof. Hayashi and the rest of the ARIES team in Japan –Dr. Machimura (Osaka University), Dr. Sugita (Chubu University), Prof. Okazawa (Tokyo University of Agriculture), etc.– have been working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite being self-isolated, they have been able to make some great advancements in customizing models and data for ecosystem services and renewable energy –mini-hydro power, biomass, geothermal power, etc.–

Through the integration of both models and data from different research disciplines, they have developed new models containing data related to carbon stock, biomass supply, sediment, flood and air pollution regulation, among others.

Harnessing nature’s power can have many environmental and economic benefits, such as disaster prevention and environmental conservation. Find out more about the latest developments of Prof. Hayashi’s group to achieve a more sustainable society in the video below!

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