ARIES team members Alba Márquez, Anna Sperotto and Sudeshna Kumar will participate in The European Geosciences Union (EGU) conference 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the realm of geosciences, bringing together researchers, scientists, and experts from across the globe to exchange knowledge, present cutting-edge research, and discuss emerging trends and challenges in the field. 

Urban climate researcher Sudeshna Kumar will unveil the Role of Vegetation in Mitigating Urban Heat Risks. Her research delves deep into the complex dynamics of urban heat islands (UHIs) and the crucial role vegetation plays in mitigating associated risks. Her study, spanning twelve American cities across diverse climatic zones, employs the innovative ARIES modeling approach to analyze the intricate interplay between vegetation, land surface temperature (LST), and anthropogenic heat. More about Sudeshna Kumar’s session

Meanwhile modeller and geospatial scientist Alba Márquez and social-ecological systems modeller Diego Bengoechea Paz will explain the development of a global fire risk model that integrates various factors using advanced techniques. This model provides daily, precise results and adheres to the FAIR principles, making it valuable for policymakers and emergency planners in mitigating wildfire impacts. More about Alba Márquez’s session. 

Last but not least, climate change scientist Anna Sperotto’s research will take a holistic approach to understanding water quality within the complex water-energy-food (WEF) nexus, focusing on the Adige River Basin in Italy. By integrating diverse datasets and models using ARIES, Sperotto aims to assess the conjoined impacts of climate change and land use on water quality. More about Anna Sperotto’s session

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