ARIES at UN Datathon 2023!

November 14, 2023



The ARIES team participated in the latest UN Datathon 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay, from November 3rd to 6th, where we hosted an intensive workshop on November 4th, attracting a diverse audience of around 20 participants! 

The workshop was structured into two sessions, each tailored to different profiles. The first session catered to generic users interested in producing and visualizing ecosystem accounts using ARIES for SEEA without delving into technicalities. The second session targeted data providers and modelers, offering a deep dive into the k.LAB technology and semantic modeling.

Notably, participants from the generic user-focused first session extended their engagement to the second session. This deep dive provided an immersive experience for individuals dedicated to advancing data provision and modeling. Attendees explored the intricacies of k.LAB, uncovering the logical framework supporting k.LAB technology. 

Emphasizing the significance of semantics in enhancing modularity, reusability, and interoperability of scientific information, the session introduced the concept of semantic Digital Twins, providing insights into utilizing data within the k.LAB ecosystem and paving the way for advanced environmental modeling.

It was wonderful to engage with participants from all around South America and coming from diverse contexts ranging from national statistical offices, to environmental ministries, environmental consultants and data analysts. That diversity generated a vibrant atmosphere that fostered animated discussions on how to develop AI-based technologies for the common good and set new technologies on paths that support sustainability efforts. We were delighted to have made new contacts with super interesting people in a continent where we did not have any partners yet.

Diego Bengoechea Paz
Physicist, BC3

Looking ahead, in May 2024, Bilbao, Spain, ARIES will host the 8th International Conference on Big Data and Data Science. Jointly organized by the UNDESA Statistical Division, the Basque Governmentthe Spanish Statistical Office, and BC3 (the host organization of the ARIES platform). 

The conference will focus on forging paths towards an integrated, collaborative, global knowledge landscape. Panels and round tables will explore AI for interoperability, geospatial information, and environmental sustainability, covering themes from Natural Capital Accounting to SDG localization and sustainable tourism.

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