ARIES presents k.LAB at the Innovate4Climate conference

June 1, 2023

ARIES’ lead investigators at BC3 and Ikerbasque researchers Ferdinando Villa and Stefano Balbi showcased k.LAB at Innovate4Climate, a global event hosted by the World Bank Group in Bilbao, Spain, designed to accelerate climate action through the utilization of advanced technologies. 

The presentation, which was organized at the booth of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), shed light on the innovative capabilities of this open-source technology, for better integrating scientific knowledge into decision-making.

Every institution involved in fighting climate change has the problem of integrating the best knowledge generated by different sources into a coherent decision-making workflow. Unfortunately key information is still kept in silos and difficult to integrate. We hope that our presentation added significant value to the discussions on the benefits of having more integrative and collaborative technologies  for sustainability.

Stefano Balbi
ARIES managing director and Ikerbasque researcher

About Innovate4Climate 

This global event serves as a platform for bridging the gap between stakeholders in finance, markets, policy, and technology, with a shared goal of driving climate ambition. 

This year, the event returned to its in-person format, allowing participants to engage directly with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge approaches, and forge new connections with potential investors, customers, and partners.


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