The ARIES team is happy to announce that the project has recently joined the international network GLASSNET, which links global communities of researchers working towards achieving water and land-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a collaborative infrastructure across disciplines.

The NSF-funded Accelnet grant was launched in January 2021 at Purdue University. GLASSNET is a ‘network of networks’ that brings together four U.S.-based networks and seven foreign-based partners with the common goal to help stakeholders – from local communities to international organizations – make decisions that align with the efforts to achieve the SDGs by 2030. 

As projects with shared visions for improving decision-making through transformative and collaborative science, GLASSNET and ARIES have joined forces to produce and deliver integrated, multidisciplinary research related to the SDGs; support data and model integration to achieve the FAIR Principles; and build an international network of institutions and scientists to more quickly accomplish societal transitions to sustainability.

Both initiatives will benefit from opportunities to scale up knowledge sharing for better-informed policy-making. ARIES offers the GLASSNET community novel approaches to data and model integration through semantic interoperability. GLASSNET membership will improve access to ARIES for like-minded communities with shared interests in making data and models more accessible and relevant to decision-makers.

Innovation and scaling are key focus areas of ARIES. We believe this partnership will provide great value to our project and the GLASSNET community, and we look forward to contributing to it!

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