ARIES is currently developing an easy-to-use application for SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA), with the intent to also eventually support compilation of some Central Framework accounts, enabling ecosystem account production anywhere on Earth.

After eight months of intensive work, by the end of November the ARIES team released the Alpha version of ARIES for SEEA EA application. Now, the team is planning to make the application available on UN Global Platform by the beginning of next year!

On December 14, ARIES natural capital accounting expert Kenneth Bagstad gave a brief talk on the latest advancements of the ARIES for SEEA EA explorer at Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting (MAIA)’s webinar on Ecosystem Condition. MAIA is a European network of reference for promoting the mainstreaming of natural capital accounting.

Watch Kenneth’s presentation “FAIR data & models for rapid, customizable ecosystem accounting: An application for ecosystem condition” and find out more about ARIES for SEEA EA latest advancements and next steps.

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