Big Data is reshaping agriculture. More and more farmers embrace data-driven solutions like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and remote sensing for their ability to aggregate trends, track supplies, assess risk and reward, generate predictive models, and increase yields.

However, with Big Data comes big responsibility. Data collection and privacy can be also abused; this is why usually farmers are hesitant to risk divulging their future plans or pricing information to competitors. How can we ensure farmers not to be left out of the current system? How can we leverage the power of emerging technology to ensure that they are also supported?

As part of our series launched in July, the ARIES team will hold a second online discussion on Twitter next Tuesday, September 29, in order to discuss AI’s role in achieving global food security. The one-hour online discussion will start at 9.00am CDT/ 4.00pm CET/ 10.00pm AST and will have as main participants:

  1. Guy Poppy, Professor of Ecology in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton and Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Government). For more than 30 years, he has researched global food security and has advised governments around the world.
  2. Andy Jarvis, Associate Director General at Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).His research over the years has focused on how spatial analysis and environmental modelling can contribute to improved conservation and use of natural resources.
  3. Nadia Sitas, Senior Researcher at Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST), Stellenbosch University. She is a sustainability scientist working within the science-policy interface on issues related to social-ecological resilience with a specific focus on equity and gender.
  4. Odirilwe Selomane, Researcher at CST, Stellenbosch University. His work focuses on quantifying how the direct use of local ecosystems are changing in South Africa.
  5. Samir Doshi, Race and Technology Researcher at Stanford University. As a senior network organizer, scientist, and policy advisor, he has nearly 20 years of experience in regenerative economics, food justice, and community resilience.

The Twitter chat will be open to anyone who is interested in the topic, so do not hesitate to join the conversation by using the hashtag #AriesChat on September 29 at 9.00am CDT/4.00pm CET/10.00pm AST and interact with our five experts by sharing your own insights or raising more questions. Your opinion matters to us!

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