ARIES: An AI-powered platform addressing wild pollinators’ conservation for sustainable agriculture

July 8, 2021

Awareness of the importance of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies and their role in achieving environmental sustainability has grown in parallel with research on the subject. Over the past months, ARIES has contributed to both by developing a pioneering application for natural capital accounting: the ARIES for SEEA Explorer.

Now, together with Belmont Forum and BiodivERsA, ARIES is working on analysing the abundance and distribution of wild pollinators in order to know whether pollination services will be sufficient in the short term.

By integrating different pollination data and models in the k.LAB software, ARIES’ goal is to provide an online and user-friendly technology that allows farmers to monitor wild pollinators within their farms. The ultimate objective is to help farmers predict the contribution of pollinators to crop productivity and understand the impact that different management practices have on these important service providers.

Check out this explanatory video and learn more about ARIES’ efforts towards converting scientific knowledge into a more easy-to-understand language for everyone!


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