ARIES workshop at UN Datathon 2023!

September 22, 2023



We are excited to announce ARIES’ participation in the UN Datathon 2023, scheduled to take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, from November 3rd to 6th. As a distinguished part of this event, we will be hosting an ARIES workshop on November 4th, solely for those invited by the UNSD. This training will be divided into two dynamic sessions, each spanning three hours, and will target two distinct profiles.

In the first session, participants will acquire foundational knowledge about the SEEA-Ecosystem Accounting (EA) Protocol, which serves as the cornerstone for ARIES applications. This session will provide an overview of the integration of ARIES with the SEEA-EA protocol and delve into the core components of ARIES for SEEA Explorer. Topics covered will include ecosystem extent, condition, and services, along with practical case studies and expert guidance on incorporating geospatial data and statistical insights. Attendees will be able to produce and visualize ecosystem accounts using ARIES for SEEA, without getting bogged down in technicalities. 

The second session is a deep dive into the realm of k.LAB technology and semantic modeling. This session is tailored for individuals with a keen interest in data provision and modeling, including scientists, data analysts, and software developers dedicated to environmental modeling and data interoperability through semantics. Participants will uncover the logical framework underlying k.LAB, navigate the complexities of the k.LAB Modeler software, and understand the profound significance of semantics in enhancing the modularity, reusability, and interoperability of scientific information. This session will also equip attendees with insights into utilizing data within the k.LAB ecosystem and introduce the visionary concept of semantic Digital Twins, offering a gateway to advanced environmental modeling.

By participating in these sessions, attendees will gain valuable hands-on experience and deep insights into the transformative potential of ARIES and k.LAB, enhancing their capacity for informed, data-driven decision-making in the field of sustainability. It’s important to note that our primary objective for this workshop is not to assemble a broad public audience but rather to highlight our commitment to delivering high-level training and fostering knowledge sharing.


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