AI has become a fundamental part of our lives, affecting everything from environmental decision-making to policy management and equity. On the 25th of September in Bilbao, under the title ‘Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Democracy: Challenges and Opportunities’ the ARIES team from BC3 organised a face-to-face roundtable with some leading experts in the field to explore the many aspects of AI in today’s society from an ethical and democratic perspective.

The lineup of speakers were Ferdinando Villa, Ikerbasque research professor at BC3 and principal investigator of ARIES; Daniel Innerarity, Ikerbasque research professor at UPV/EHU and director of Globernance; and Laura Marrón, director of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Centre (BAIC). The event was moderated by Cristina Monge, professor at the University of Zaragoza, member of Globernance and adjunct researcher at BC3.

During the roundtable,  which was held at the BBK Kuna Centre, the home of SDGs in the Biscay region, several crucial issues were addressed – from the ability of AI technologies to de-ideologise debates, to the question of who should decide what to measure in the context of this technology.

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