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Compilation of environmental accounts in Nigeria for Nasawara and Kaduna States report coming soon!



Funded by the World Bank, ARIES has delivered two major outputs:

1. Annual Global Vegetation Carbon Stock Dataset (2001-2020):

Using an integrated approach aligned with the IPCC methodology, ARIES estimated above-ground and below-ground carbon stocks, considering ecological variables like land cover classifications and ecological areas. Forests dominate, contributing around 70.50% to carbon stocks, with other land cover classes also significant. These results, while excluding certain factors like coarse woody debris and soil organic carbon, provide valuable insights into terrestrial carbon dynamics and the importance of nature-based solutions in combating climate change.


2. Compilation of SEEA Ecosystem Accounts in Nigeria:

It’s the first compilation of environmental accounts consistent with the SEEA EA methodology in Nigeria. The analysis focused on Nasawara and Kaduna States, chosen as pilot regions by the World Bank. Leveraging ARIES and its interoperable nature, these results can be seamlessly extended to other Nigerian states. This project has highlighted the opportunity to enhance the availability of spatial information essential for producing environmental economic accounts. Recognizing this, there is a valuable opportunity to establish an institutional framework that fosters collaboration among various agencies.


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