Knowledge Laboratory, in short k.LAB, is a modelling software stack that offers the possibility to work in an interconnected manner of knowledge networks, where resources and models are described without ambiguity. This is achieved through the use of semantics, a developing language based on machine-readable conceptualizations that describes both the models and the qualities that users want to observe.

On September 30, ARIES scientific developer Andrea Antonello gave a brief talk on k.LAB at the Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) 2021 Conference – the world’s largest gathering of open-source geospatial users, developers and researchers.

During his presentation, Andrea introduced the software stack to the participants, highlighting the main benefits that the whole integrated modelling ecosystem and more specifically the semantic web can bring to both modellers and scientists in terms of data and models interoperability and reusability.

Watch Andrea’s presentation “Integrated modelling with k.LAB” below and find out more about the innovative technology powering ARIES. You can also have a look at the k.LAB technical note, a comprehensive document where you can get an overview of the main components of this open-source software for modelling.

Watch for more online resources to be released in the months ahead at

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