Conservation & Restoration


Conservation focuses on preventing environmental degradation and preserving natural resources, while restoration involves actively improving and repairing ecosystems that have been damaged or degraded. Both conservation and restoration are essential components of efforts to promote environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

How does Conservation & Restoration contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?


Besides fostering knowledge integration for addressing the conservation and sustainable use of both terrestrial and marine natural resources (SDGs 14 and 15), ARIES work tackles the protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems (SDG 6), and the preservation and enhancement of natural carbon sinks, such as forests and wetlands, and the mitigation of climate change impacts (SDG 13). While these are the primary SDGs directly linked to conservation and restoration, ARIES efforts in these areas of work also contribute indirectly to several other goals, such as those related to poverty eradication (SDG 1), food security (SDG 2), sustainable cities (SDG 11), and biodiversity conservation (SDG 15), among others.

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Conservation & Restoration

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