ARIES is excited to announce its involvement in a European project coordinated by the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) – Pyrenees Working Community Consortium (CTP): LIFE CC PYRENEES. This initiative seeks to ensure the leverage effect to achieve a first impulse in the implementation of the Pyrenean climate change strategy (EPICC).

Mountainous regions, including the Pyrenees shared by Spain, France, and Andorra, boast rich biodiversity and vital ecosystem services. Yet, they’re now confronting accelerated climate change, surpassing global averages, and undergoing significant environmental transformations.

This project aims to provide the medium-term vision necessary to address climate change issues and become a real accelerator of climate action policies in the Pyrenees by following up on the key points identified in the EPICC strategy itself. Through multi-sectoral collaboration and strong governance, it will drive the region towards ambitious climate goals, positioning it as a European leader in combating climate change.

ARIES ‘role will be to support the analysis and evaluation of solutions regarding the greater incidence in the health of the population due to air quality and the quality and availability of water in the Pyrenean territory.  

Specific case studies will be analyzed to identify regional needs, and available information will be standardized to establish a methodological framework. By leveraging this data, we plan to develop models to predict ecosystem services. These results will be made accessible through an interactive web viewer, facilitating informed decision-making for scientists and policymakers alike.

Alba Márquez

Geospatial scientist and fire risk modeller, BC3

Through this initiative, ARIES commits to fostering collaboration and resilience in the Pyrenees ecosystem. Stay tuned—more news on LIFE CC PYRENEES will follow soon! 

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