As announced a few weeks ago, the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) International Spring University (ISU) on Ecosystem Services Modelling will be replaced this year with other training opportunities – and here comes the first one!

ARIES will organize an online training session on Monday, June 7, as part of the third Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Europe Conference that will be held from 7-10 June, at 5:00 pm CET. The two-hour masterclass will show participants the innovative approach of the ARIES modelling platform towards knowledge integration and interoperability.

Attendees will see a live demo illustrating how the web interface of the ARIES technology – k.Explorer – works, by using some of the existing models in the platform.

The session will be virtually facilitated by experts from the ARIES team in an interactive format. No laptops will be required for this training. However, should the participants like to install and use the software themselves, they will be able to do so prior to the masterclass.

By attending the online masterclass, attendees will acquire the necessary skills to access the ARIES modelling platform with k.Explorer and test it on their respective context of analysis.

Software installation details and suggested reading material will be sent to those registered prior to the session.

Interested in attending the ARIES masterclass? Don’t forget to register by April 22 to benefit from the early bird registration fee!

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