Ferdinando Villa (ARIES lead investigator): For sustainability, we have already written the book of knowledge. But the book is written in too many languages. We don’t need new scientific discoveries in order to save the world, we just need to be able to read the book that’s already been written.

Our lead investigator Ferdinando Villa had an interview with journalist Richard Foster-Fletcher as part of the Infinite Leaders series he runs on the Boundless Podcast: Designing Our Digital Future. The episode, which was released on January 25, is part of a series supported by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) that explores how digital transformation, data and artificial intelligence (AI) can promote, provide engagement and deliver environmental sustainability.

During this extended conversation, Ferdinando had the opportunity to explain how to create a logical, semantic space that makes climate data accessible, usable and exponentially powerful. Beyond this, he talked with Richard about sustainability, AI, leadership and Mozart.

To find out more about the vision behind ARIES, listen to this episode, which is available at:



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