ARIES team members gave an online training session on December 14, 2021, as part of the third Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Asia Conference.

During the two-hour masterclass, modelling experts Hiromu Okazawa (Tokyo University of Agriculture), Ferdinando Villa (BC3), Stefano Balbi (BC3), Kiichiro Hayashi (IMaSS, Nagoya University) and Yuri Yamazaki (Tokyo University of Agriculture) showed ARIES’ innovative approach through semantic web modelling to over 40 attendees.

Participants had the chance to see a live demo of the ARIES technology’s web and modelling interfaces – k.Explorer and k.Modeler, respectively –, by using some of the existing models in the platform. Attendees also witnessed the main features of the ARIES for SEEA Explorer – an easy-to-use solution enabling ecosystem account production anywhere on Earth!

At the end of the training session, speakers discussed and shared with participants their insights on semantic modelling and how this scientific field can help public institutions take better-informed decisions through data and models’ interoperability.

Watch the full video recording of the ARIES masterclass in the video below!

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